Why You Can't Lose Weight: The First Step For Weight Loss Success

Wondering why you can't lose weight? Jumping from diet to diet without getting results? It could be that you have missed this essential step to weight loss success.


Before you choose a diet and exercise plan to reach weight loss success you need to decide why you want to lose weight. Without a compelling 'why', your biggest obstacle will be following through.

I coach all kinds of people who offer a variety of reasons they have decided to lose weight. My successful clients always have rock-solid reasons for getting started with a weight loss program. At the same time the ones who have short-range goals, like looking good for an upcoming special occasion like a reunion or wedding, often have a long list of excuses why the plan isn't working.

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Two recent examples include a 60 year-old architect and a 25 year-old bride to-be.

Like many Americans these days, the architect is nowhere near being able to retire and his work schedule requires him to travel about two weeks out of every month. He did not need a weight loss coach to tell him that he needed to make some changes since his clothes no longer fit.

The bride to be was ordering an expensive, hand-made dress for her wedding and wanted to pare down fast for her first fitting.

The architect had a compelling reason to get a handle on his weight: His family livelihood rests on his shoulders and he was smart enough to recognize that his obesity was hampering his productivity.

We laid out a plan and he stuck to it despite the challenges of not being home half of the month or the obligation he had to frequently dine with customers.

Within two months he had lost over 30 pounds and had eased into a maintenance schedule to manage his healthy weight.

He was thrilled that everything from his work production to his golf game was better at his ideal weight.

The bride to be struggled right out of the gate. Snacks at work and rich dinners with her girlfriends were too much temptation and she never found the motivation to get the results she desired. She blamed the plan we set up (even though she didn't follow it) and gave up after a couple of weeks.

Not sure how the dress fitting turned out.

Focusing on a short-term goal is not always bad or the reason you can't lose weight. Many clients start with weight loss goal like that only to become so excited about how much better they feel after their weight loss success that they expand their vision to include longer-term reasons.

Without commitment, things like a hectic work schedule or family obligations derail a healthy weight loss plan almost immediately. Skipping workouts or having lunch with customers or friends become reasons you can't lose weight.

Lasting weight loss requires commitment to a healthy lifestyle. As we age it's easier to gain the weight and requires more effort to lose it and if we don't change our habits then our habits will change us.

Your weight loss success is more likely when you have a firm commitment to the benefits you'll reap when you make the healthy changes.

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Wie Sie hartnäckiges Bauchfett loswerden


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